In the midst of the whirlwind that was planning the wedding, I never actually blogged about the wedding. But we finally got our edited album back from our fabulous photographers (M2 Photography) and it captured the day perfectly.

They always say not everything will go according to plan, expect some disasters, yada yada. But honestly I can’t say that anything was a sizable mishap. The biggest catastrophe was that the bakers couldn’t use the cake stand that I purchased because it wouldn’t support the cake. Do you know how many people would have said “nice cake stand!” at the end of the night at our wedding? Zero. Zero people would have noticed that I searched endlessly for the perfect cake stand. So when my maid of honor came to the bridal suite needing to break the news to me, I laughed and said, “screw it!” and took a sip of champagne (as one does when their cake stand plans don’t work out).

Our last-weekend-in-September wedding ended up being quite chilly, topping out at 62 degrees. But I’d take 62 over 82 any day! It was truly a beautiful day up until about 4:30, right before the ceremony. It turned a little gloomy and VERY windy. Again, we rolled with the punches. My veil and the wind had a glorious love affair and created, hands down, the most memorable moment of the day and night when a giant gust took my veil and wrapped it around Cory as my aunt was doing the second reading. Everyone was laughing so hard that no one tried to help for a few seconds and he was helplessly trapped in cocoon of tulle and lace.


Overall, it was true what they all say: best day ever. Seeing all of your friends and family condensed into one space was truly amazing. Especially considering they joined us from about a dozen different states. Would I change anything? Probably not. Not even my flimsy cake stand.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day:

Total tile teardown.

Alright, it’s been a REALLY long time. That’s my fault. We officially made it past the wedding and came out unscathed! Everything was beautiful. Photos to come once I get all the professional pictures back!

But now the focus is back on the house. We’re finishing up the final details on the downstairs bathroom, where we made some minor changes. We flipped the toilet to a different wall to open up space (such a good decision) and ripped out the previous owner’s beat up vanity to put in a shiny new one. We also painted (obviously, because what surface of this house haven’t we painted). All that’s left is some decor touches and I’ll be ready to share some photos!

We’re very thankful that we finished the big stuff in the downstairs bathroom because on a whim we decided to tackle the upstairs, meaning we’ve been having to shower downstairs every day. Not so bad, though! The driving force behind taking on the upstairs bath was the vanity situation. It was only a single, which many of you know is the make or break item in a successful marriage.

Kidding, but seriously, we both hate sharing a single vanity after having a double in 3 out of the 4 places we’ve lived together. So, if the vanity was going to go, why wouldn’t we put in the flooring that we liked? And if we put in the flooring that we liked, we’d have to put in matching wall/shower tile. And so on and so forth until all of a sudden we were gutting the entire bathroom.

For reference, here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s not so bad!”, right? It’s just not my cup of tea. That’s a LOT of tile. It’s a LOT of beige/tan/brown. It’s just… a large pile of oatmeal in my eyes.

So here’s the plan that’s underway:

  • Put in a double vanity across the wall that’s perpendicular to the current vanity
  • Rip out every single piece of tile (woo!)
  • Put in new clean subway tile that only goes a couple feet above the bathtub, and floor-to-ceiling in the shower
  • New marble flooring that continues into the shower
  • Shower shelf built into shower wall
  • Paint!

And here’s my makeshift mood board. It’s basically all the materials we ordered (or similar) that will be going in this week.


The subway tile will be double that length, so long thin tiles. Likely with a nice light gray grout to make them pop a little bit.


Anyway, so excited to see this come along! Right now the bathroom tub/shower area is gutted and being re-drywalled. I’ll post progress photos next time. Can’t wait until we have a bathroom with a little color and contrast instead of tan on tan on tan. On beige.

– L

Color me excited!

The open concept space is now officially painted! We found an awesome company to work with and they were very accommodating with working with us from afar. They got done the majority of the work in just a day, which I can’t even fathom (but I’m definitely not mad at it). From the pictures, I can tell it made a HUGE change to the space. The red doors alone being gone is so refreshing. I’ll take some good photos once we get back and throw some before and afters on here.

As for the upstairs rooms and smaller spaces, we’re planning on tackling those on our own. I’m sure we’ll paint the master bedroom as soon as we get back into town, and then gradually get to the other two. The master bedroom is one of the smallest masters we’ve had in the course of our various rental homes, so I definitely want to keep it light and open. I’m between a few different off-white options below. The photo on the right is from beckiowens.com featuring a room I’m using as inspiration for the master.

Top left: BM Swiss Coffee, bottom left: BM White Dove, right: SW Anew Gray at 25%

I know what you’re thinking: all of these colors so far have been pretty neutral. You’re right, it’s true. I feel a little boring because of it but these clean, airy neutrals just make me so happy! To shake things up a bit, I’m definitely going to add a couple of fun bold rooms to the house.

The first will be the guest bedroom. In one of my plunges down the Pinterest paint rabbit hole, I noticed an amazing peacock color in a guest bedroom, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So now I’m leaning toward this fantastic deep teal for the guest room:


Benjamin Moore North Sea Green

I’m picturing that with some nice white (of course) bedding and some pinks, oranges, and classic blues as accent colors. I never put color in my decor and I need to stop being so shy about it. We’ll see how it turns out!

My last venture into color will be in our downstairs office. I don’t know why, but this office space might be my favorite room in the house. It’s the cutest little nook in the very front of the house with giant windows, just begging for a good strong color on the walls. The below photo is NOT our office, but is actually a similar-looking setup. For this room, I’m eyeing Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik:

It’s a classic deep blue that’s muted enough to blend with blue/green of the open concept living/dining room, but has enough color to stand on its own. It’ll look great with the old nautical-looking wood and iron desk we already have to go in the office.

So those are my very colorful thoughts! I’m pretty confident in the guest room and office selections, I might even go straight for the gallon of paint without even sampling (CALM DOWN LET’S NOT GET CRAZY, I know).

Can’t wait to share how it comes out!

– L

A taste of home

…but just a taste. As I mentioned in my first post, we traveled back to the east coast a couple weeks ago to close on our new house, which was a breeze! It was a great day all around and I finally got to check out the house in person. The only down side is that we were leaving 2 days later and wouldn’t see it again for another couple weeks. Still, smiles all around.


We went back this past weekend for our niece’s baptism and squeezed in a trip back to the house to meet with painters (very questionable paint choices by previous owners – as evidenced by the pea green on the kitchen walls in the above photo) and have my parents come see the place. All went well! The downstairs will be painted by mid-May, whole house cleaned at the end of May, and ready for us to roll on in by June 1.

After spending somewhere between 9 and 9,472 hours browsing the internet and Pinterest, I’ve nailed down the paint colors for the downstairs. Don’t worry, I tested them on the walls in the house too. The open concept living/dining room walls will be Benjamin Moore Silver Mink – a very muted blue green that I think looks great in any light, the “den” and laundry area will be the ever-popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, and the kitchen will go from pea green to a cool-undertoned light gray with Sherwin Williams Olympus White.

Besides the kitchen being that medium green shade, the den and laundry room downstairs were also a lighter green, but green nonetheless. To add insult to injury, all of the doors in the laundry room (which leads out to the back yard) were a deep red. Deep red…next to green walls. If you know me well, you know that it made my skin crawl. Revere Pewter with fresh white doors will be a very welcome adjustment to come home to 🙂

It’s pretty torturous to only get a glimpse of the house for a couple hours each time we go back and not be able to do anything productive in it, but luckily we have friends back east who will help get things going while we’re wrapping up life on the west coast. Can’t wait to walk in to some clean coastal colors in the downstairs when we get back!

I’ll probably write another 18 posts about paint colors so… you’re welcome in advance.

– Lauren

Hi there.

Welcome to my first-ever blog post! You’re probably my parents, or my future mother-in-law, or one of my bridesmaids. Outside of that, I’m not sure who’s reading this but WELCOME all the same! If you didn’t stumble upon the “About” page first, this blog is to document my little family’s trip from a temporary life out west in San Francisco to a settled life out east in New Jersey.

This week marks the final countdown of our time in the SF area before we head back to the east coast, so it’s also one of the busiest weeks of our lives. I went from a weekend in Chicago (to visit my wonderful maid of honor, Sarah, and also hit a work conference), to a few days working out of my company’s New Jersey office, to closing on our first house tomorrow (eek!), to our friends’ wedding in Boston on Saturday. Then it’s back to the left coast on Sunday to start packing and shipping everything before the big move! What a week. My brain still has no idea what time zone I’m in and all the coffee in the world won’t help it get adjusted.

Anyway, I wanted to write a short intro post, so there it is! I’ll try to keep up with this as we prep for the move and will definitely post a house update after we’ve signed over our souls tomorrow at the closing.

Stay tuned!

– Lauren