DIY tutorial: hand-painted clothing

Believe it or not, I’ve been doing this since high school and I learned this one from my cousins – we used to decorate cheap t-shirts for ourselves when our bank accounts were non-existent. Now, this skill comes in handy for making custom clothing for your friends, especially for wedding-related events!

For my friend Katie’s bachelorette, we decided on going with a denim theme for one of the nights out, and while all of us bridesmaids purchased varying degrees of obnoxious cropped denim vests, we wanted the bride to have a quality piece of denim to wear (and hopefully re-wear on the wedding day). Obviously I volunteered to handle it!

So here’s what you’ll need: 

  • A print-out of your design or text (design on your computer and print to size on 8.5×11 or 11×17 paper – whatever fits your clothing item)
  • White eyeliner pencil – I like the traditional cheap $0.99 pencils from Wet and Wild or one of those drugstore brands, not the creamy kohl types that work great on eyes but not as great on paper
  • A very dull regular pencil – trust me, do not sharpen
  • Tape
  • Fabric paint – you can find at any craft store, I’ve used a lot of Tulip brand
  • Paint brushes – varying small sizes, and I prefer ones that are stiffer with a tapered edge. Might as well get an assorted pack and figure out your personal favorite!
  • Patience. 

Step 1: Design your artwork and print in black ink. I ended up going with “Bride” for the main text and then her future married name and wedding date in smaller text for the bottom of the jacket. You’ll need multiple print-outs for multiple areas on the clothing, so I had to do 2.

Step 2: Once your design is printed on a piece of paper, flip that paper over and use your white eyeliner pencil to scribble all over the back of the paper where your design is. I usually put the paper on a window so I can see exactly where the design is and then heavily scribble with the eyeliner behind all of the black.

Step 3: Flip the paper back over so your design is facing you, and tape the paper down to your piece of clothing exactly where you want it. Try not to press on the design or lean on it so you don’t transfer the white eyeliner onto the clothing… yet. Tape at all the corners so it’s secure.

Step 4: Take your dull regular pencil and start tracing over the entire design with it, carefully outlining the text as best you can. Press as hard as possible without going through the paper, especially at the edges of the design. I’ve tried to use thicker papers for my print-out so that the pencil is less likely to break through, and it’s helped. Your goal is to transfer the white eyeliner onto the clothing just where your design is. So be precise and press hard at the edges!

Step 5: Once you’ve traced over the entire design, remove the paper. You should find that underneath, you now have a faint white outline of your design on the clothing. It should look like this:

Apparently I pressed really hard on that “r”.

Step 6: Start painting! Now you just need to work slowly and have patience. I like the tapered edge brushes that are stiffer since they let you work with more precision. Sometimes if your white eyeliner didn’t transfer perfectly, you’re going to have to just look back at your design paper and improvise. I usually do at least 2-3 coats of paint to make the letters pop. I don’t wait long between the first and second coats typically but anything 3+ I’d let it dry for a bit between. Once you have a few coats on it’ll be bright white and look like this:


Step 7: I never used to do this when I was younger but since this project was a gift, I wanted to make sure it lasted. I followed the instructions on the back of the fabric paint bottle and when the paint was dry, I used an iron to set the paint (putting a piece of clothing between the paint and the iron so I wouldn’t mess anything up). This will make sure your paint doesn’t flake off.

And you’re done! Personally, I’d rather receive or wear a hand-painted piece of clothing over something done with vinyl from a Cricut machine. Something just seems more special about it to me. So give it a try someday, your friends will thank you!

The bride wore it all weekend!

Summer showers bring fall…


We were invited to 8 weddings between August of 2018 and February of 2019. All in a row. And I’m a bridesmaid in 4 of them! Meaning a lot of fun, planning, and doing some crafty favors for people I love.

Sometimes a crafty favor means making a donut tower for a bridal shower, other times it means doing hand-calligraphy addressing for all of your sister’s wedding invitations. Quick tip for everyone: I don’t know how to say no. So just corner me, and your wish will be granted.

My beautiful friend Dana got married last month, and we decided to throw her a little bridal shower brunch in the city since she wasn’t having a traditional shower and didn’t have a wedding party. Dana loves a lot of things, but she’s particularly enthralled by cats, colors, and candy (or any sweets). So somehow that became the theme! I designed some fun menus for the brunch, my friend Lana grabbed some bright blooms and balloons, and then we met up to snag some confetti-ed donuts as our makeshift cake (above).

cat menus and calligraphed placecards by yours truly
bud vases re-purposed from my wedding 😉


Then my sister’s wedding is rapidly approaching this November, so we just threw her a shower this past weekend down by my parents in Pennsylvania. We went Tuscan theme: lemons and olives. It all came out beautifully!

Next up: my friend Katie’s wedding in October in Lexington, KY. Getting so excited for this! I designed her invitation suite with an amazing sketch she found of her venue.

Then a French bistro shower for my maid of honor, Sarah, and an English tea party shower for my college best friend, Amanda, both in November. Looking forward to all of these showers, not to mention bachelorette parties!

Stay tuned!


Don’t toss that bouquet!

If you’re anything like me, you’re A. a hoarder and B. always looking for a chic way of preserving memories. I knew even before the wedding that I wanted to preserve my bouquet, so I started doing some research early. There were plenty of places that would do it for you in a variety of beautiful ways, but that often came at a premium price. And, honestly, I always think I can handle doing things myself (kinda like that time I decided to do ALL of my own wedding calligraphy – came out great, but man was that a doozy of a project).

I also knew I wanted to display my wedding invitation and I figured there had to be a more creative way than just a simple frame. So, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and put the bouquet and invitation together in their own little piece of artwork.

I started just before the honeymoon by learning that silica gel preserves flowers much better than hanging them to dry. I went to Michael’s and grabbed the silica along with a very affordable (read: cheap) shadowbox. Before we left for Riviera Maya, I carefully dismantled my bouquet and separated out each flower. I laid them all in a medium-sized shallow tupperware-type storage bin and dumped the silica on top. I probably could have used more but they only had one box at Michael’s, unfortunately. I tried to cover the flowers and silica as closely as I could with a plastic bag to make more of an airtight seal, and then I popped the lid on. Then I left it for the next week while we were on our trip. When I got back I was happy to discover my neatly-dried flowers, which seemed to have less yellowing, brighter color, and less breakage than the hang-dried alternative.

To assemble the shadowbox display, I took the back off and arranged all the flowers on top until I got a good visual mix. I also incorporated the champagne ribbon from my bouquet as well, winding it through the florals. I glued everything down at certain points just to make sure it didn’t shift. Then I topped it with out invitation right in the center.

I think it turned out exactly the way I wanted! And after posting on Instagram, a bunch of friends reached out to see if I could do this for them or for their friends after their weddings – which I’m always happy to do! I’ll just need a whole lot more silica gel 🙂 Did I mention it’s reusable though? Another perk!

Here’s the end result, which now hangs at the bottom of our stairs:



In the midst of the whirlwind that was planning the wedding, I never actually blogged about the wedding. But we finally got our edited album back from our fabulous photographers (M2 Photography) and it captured the day perfectly.

They always say not everything will go according to plan, expect some disasters, yada yada. But honestly I can’t say that anything was a sizable mishap. The biggest catastrophe was that the bakers couldn’t use the cake stand that I purchased because it wouldn’t support the cake. Do you know how many people would have said “nice cake stand!” at the end of the night at our wedding? Zero. Zero people would have noticed that I searched endlessly for the perfect cake stand. So when my maid of honor came to the bridal suite needing to break the news to me, I laughed and said, “screw it!” and took a sip of champagne (as one does when their cake stand plans don’t work out).

Our last-weekend-in-September wedding ended up being quite chilly, topping out at 62 degrees. But I’d take 62 over 82 any day! It was truly a beautiful day up until about 4:30, right before the ceremony. It turned a little gloomy and VERY windy. Again, we rolled with the punches. My veil and the wind had a glorious love affair and created, hands down, the most memorable moment of the day and night when a giant gust took my veil and wrapped it around Cory as my aunt was doing the second reading. Everyone was laughing so hard that no one tried to help for a few seconds and he was helplessly trapped in cocoon of tulle and lace.


Overall, it was true what they all say: best day ever. Seeing all of your friends and family condensed into one space was truly amazing. Especially considering they joined us from about a dozen different states. Would I change anything? Probably not. Not even my flimsy cake stand.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day: