A taste of home

…but just a taste. As I mentioned in my first post, we traveled back to the east coast a couple weeks ago to close on our new house, which was a breeze! It was a great day all around and I finally got to check out the house in person. The only down side is that we were leaving 2 days later and wouldn’t see it again for another couple weeks. Still, smiles all around.


We went back this past weekend for our niece’s baptism and squeezed in a trip back to the house to meet with painters (very questionable paint choices by previous owners – as evidenced by the pea green on the kitchen walls in the above photo) and have my parents come see the place. All went well! The downstairs will be painted by mid-May, whole house cleaned at the end of May, and ready for us to roll on in by June 1.

After spending somewhere between 9 and 9,472 hours browsing the internet and Pinterest, I’ve nailed down the paint colors for the downstairs. Don’t worry, I tested them on the walls in the house too. The open concept living/dining room walls will be Benjamin Moore Silver Mink – a very muted blue green that I think looks great in any light, the “den” and laundry area will be the ever-popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, and the kitchen will go from pea green to a cool-undertoned light gray with Sherwin Williams Olympus White.

Besides the kitchen being that medium green shade, the den and laundry room downstairs were also a lighter green, but green nonetheless. To add insult to injury, all of the doors in the laundry room (which leads out to the back yard) were a deep red. Deep red…next to green walls. If you know me well, you know that it made my skin crawl. Revere Pewter with fresh white doors will be a very welcome adjustment to come home to 🙂

It’s pretty torturous to only get a glimpse of the house for a couple hours each time we go back and not be able to do anything productive in it, but luckily we have friends back east who will help get things going while we’re wrapping up life on the west coast. Can’t wait to walk in to some clean coastal colors in the downstairs when we get back!

I’ll probably write another 18 posts about paint colors so… you’re welcome in advance.

– Lauren

Hi there.

Welcome to my first-ever blog post! You’re probably my parents, or my future mother-in-law, or one of my bridesmaids. Outside of that, I’m not sure who’s reading this but WELCOME all the same! If you didn’t stumble upon the “About” page first, this blog is to document my little family’s trip from a temporary life out west in San Francisco to a settled life out east in New Jersey.

This week marks the final countdown of our time in the SF area before we head back to the east coast, so it’s also one of the busiest weeks of our lives. I went from a weekend in Chicago (to visit my wonderful maid of honor, Sarah, and also hit a work conference), to a few days working out of my company’s New Jersey office, to closing on our first house tomorrow (eek!), to our friends’ wedding in Boston on Saturday. Then it’s back to the left coast on Sunday to start packing and shipping everything before the big move! What a week. My brain still has no idea what time zone I’m in and all the coffee in the world won’t help it get adjusted.

Anyway, I wanted to write a short intro post, so there it is! I’ll try to keep up with this as we prep for the move and will definitely post a house update after we’ve signed over our souls tomorrow at the closing.

Stay tuned!

– Lauren