Something old to something new.

After finishing redoing the stairway area in the last post and having the walls repainted (again, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, but lightened by 25%), I had to hang something above the refinished antique buffet cabinet we had.

Cory’s grandmother (Nana) had divided up her family’s heirloom china and given a quarter of the set to each grandchild, and our portion had been sitting in a drawer in that buffet and I knew it couldn’t stay there! It’s beautiful, with gold monogramming in the center and gold accents at the rim. I had always loved when people hung china, so I was determined to do the same.

I looked into the adhesive hangers that stick onto the backs of the pieces but honestly I couldn’t put my trust in those that they’d remain sticky through all of the humid Jersey shore summers. So I ended up opting for the wire spring/grippy hangers. While they’re slightly visible where the “claws” are, I think the peace of mind outweighs that fact. I did not want to end up with a broken piece of irreplaceable china. Plus, now these can be easily taken off the hangers if we actually want to use them.

After a little eyeballing and a LOT of measuring, I ended with this result, and I’m extremely happy with it!


I didn’t use every single piece we had, but I think I stopped at a good size for the wall. We surprised Nana with it when she came over for my birthday party and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. I think that was my favorite part 🙂

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