Hi there.

Welcome to my first-ever blog post! You’re probably my parents, or my future mother-in-law, or one of my bridesmaids. Outside of that, I’m not sure who’s reading this but WELCOME all the same! If you didn’t stumble upon the “About” page first, this blog is to document my little family’s trip from a temporary life out west in San Francisco to a settled life out east in New Jersey.

This week marks the final countdown of our time in the SF area before we head back to the east coast, so it’s also one of the busiest weeks of our lives. I went from a weekend in Chicago (to visit my wonderful maid of honor, Sarah, and also hit a work conference), to a few days working out of my company’s New Jersey office, to closing on our first house tomorrow (eek!), to our friends’ wedding in Boston on Saturday. Then it’s back to the left coast on Sunday to start packing and shipping everything before the big move! What a week. My brain still has no idea what time zone I’m in and all the coffee in the world won’t help it get adjusted.

Anyway, I wanted to write a short intro post, so there it is! I’ll try to keep up with this as we prep for the move and will definitely post a house update after we’ve signed over our souls tomorrow at the closing.

Stay tuned!

– Lauren


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